About Us

Marneuli Food Factory LLC (established in 2007) is the largest food processing enterprise in Georgia, widely accepted as a quality  brand in local market. 

The factory is located in Kvemo Kartli region, within forty Km distance from the capital city, Tbilisi. Kvemo Kartli is a famous agricultural center of Georgia. Due to the favorable geographical location the  factory is tightly connected to the raw material source, simplifying production cycle and enabling fresh production. 

Since establishment  considerable ivestment was made to equip the factory with modern technologies and to achieve high quality production standards. in 2007, italian processing line -Fenco - was installed and launched in the factory. It allows the enterprise to receive and process 30 000 tons of raw material per  season. As a result of cooperation with German consulting company, the factory acquired and installed several production lines under the supervision of German specialists. 

Currently, marneuli Food Factory is equipped with leading European machinery, such as: Fenco, Niko, FAM, PETEK, Krones Ag, etc. 

Having in mind the constant expansion and innovation of our portfolio, we are dedicated to develop new products, adapt to market tendencies, and always better meet customer's needs. For this purpose, we are committed to our products' quality. Our factory offers over fifty products varieties with outstanding taste, made of only natural and fresh raw material. 

Our product lines are: 

  • Tomto Paste
  • Cucumber in brine
  • Assoted vegetbles in brine
  • Sauces and ready salads
  • Traditional Georgian sauces
  • Jams
  • Preserves and compotes

Besides natural production and modern technology, exclusive access to the raw material source is another advantage of our company,. The  factory is supplied by the sister company Marneuli Agro and small local farmers. We cooperate with over 150 farmrs on seasonal basis. Together with marneuli Agro, Marneuli Food Factory directly promotes development of local farms and implements best contemporary practices an agriculture. Existing and strong connection with farmers, as well as own sources guarantee stable supply and uninterrupted production cycle furthermore, it gives us possibility to control the quality of raw material.